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Red Bouquets

You know….red is a tricky color for flowers.  I realize that many people think of red when they think of flowers:  look at drawings that little girls do of flowers – they’re almost always red.   But surprisingly, there are not a whole whole lot of blooms that come in a true red color.  There’s of course the red rose, and it comes in about a million different shades of red, but if you take roses off the table, you’re not left with a lot of varieties to choose from.  We had a bride last summer that wanted exactly that, red bouquets, but no red roses.  It was a challenge, but I thought the result was quite beautiful.  Her bridesmaid dresses were a lovely shade of blue, which can be a really modern/cool color combination.  We used red gerbera daisies, red anemone, red dahlias, reddish-orange pin-cushion protea, red ranunculus, and reddish-orange echinacea.  Since her bridal party were wearing shades of blue, we accented the bouquets with blue-green dusty miller and succulents to tie it all together.  





Thank you to Jackie Osborne with Jackie Osborne Photography for the images!





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We did a unique bridal bouquet several months back:  it was made of all white wax flower.  Wax flower in and of itself is not an especially uncommon bloom – it’s typically used as a filler-flower, much like you would use baby’s breath or Caspia.  It’s very pretty, it’s hearty, it’s fairly inexpensive and it comes in white, pink and purple/lavender and sometimes can be dyed to a royal/navy blue.  What made this bouquet so unique though was that it was used as “the” flower for the entire bridal party [bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and the flower girl].  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical as to how it would look as a stand-alone bloom.  In a word….it was beautiful!  [the fact that the bride was quite stunning herself didn’t hurt!]  Thank you to Jade + Matthew for sharing these images.  The “wax-flower wedding” as I called it was featured on the Style Me Pretty blog – so I must not have been the only one that thought it was a winning look!

Images :: courtesy of Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Ceremony Venue :: Forsyth Park

Reception Venue :: Vic’s on the River




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  diy magLast spring we were asked to be part of a styled shoot designed by Simply Savannah Events for the new edition of DIY Weddings Magazine.  Well, the mag is out and the shots are beautiful!

Thank you Nicole and Lone Pine Photography for making us look so good!

There is a reason couples bring their weddings to sultry Savannah, and if you have ever ventured to Bethesda Academy you’d see why.

Hands down one of our favorite locations, 270 years later.

lone pine shoot 5 cut

lone pine shoot 1 cut

lone pine shoot 3 cut


Emily E. Hammond


Dollface by Jules

lone pine cut

lone pine tablelone pine cake

Cake Artist

Holli’s Cakes/ Gigi’s Cupcakes

Lone Pine Photography

Simply Savannah Events

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Selah Saves the Day

This year we lost one of our most talented designers to a higher cause…….. sweet Selah.

And believe me, we wouldn’t have let her go if she hadn’t found her calling.

Our beloved Selah is now the Volunteer Director at the Humane Society.  Rose and I paid her a visit and got a personal tour of her new job.

photo (9)

Rose and Selah walking “Mighty Mouse” who was happily adopted later that very day!

As much as Selah is a people person…she is an animal person.  As long as we have known her, she has had a house full of dogs, a trunk full of dog food, and an uncanny empathy for the four legged.  And how lucky they are to have her, hard working, hilarious, heart of gold, and one of the best humans we know.

photo (8)Selah and our StellaphotoSelah flowering at shop.

photo 1Congratulations Selah, we couldn’t be prouder of you

We will miss you terribly, and reserve the right to kidnap you for big weekends this season! (and happy hour any day!)

If you would like to volunteer at Savannah’s Humane Society,  contact Selah


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I wish these little beauts were available all the time, but when they are in season they can add some real character to a bouquet. Lindsey wanted them everywhere.

Can you blame her?
val_0363Greg Ceo Photography… thank you!!


Just a few years ago we flowered her sister Carries wedding

Congratulations on baby Levi Carrie!

We were thrilled to be part of both Hopkins girls big days….Thank you!

A special Thank You! to Greg Ceo for sharing these fantastic images.  And to Brockington Hall for the stunning venue!  What a lovely backdrop for a true Savannah-style event! 


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Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Green

Spring has sprung here in beautiful Savannah GA, but no day of the year does the weather matter more than that of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Our whole year revolves around it. As soon as the 10 day forecast is posted we watch with bated breath for a dry sunny Paddy’s.
It’s no joke around these parts, and not just a sea of drunken green… but a best friends, family lov’n reunion, sea of drunken green. We take the week off as our friends and family trickle into to town for the festivities. You don’t have to be Irish, but it sure helps.
I didn’t know these kind folks in this picture , but they scooped me up on my way back from a bloody Mary run….

…..they had arrived a week early in full regalia with a keg in their trunk.
And we appreciate that

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Heather and Brian tied the knot prom weekend here in Savannah.

I should know as my eldest son was two squares over giving his date a corsage while Brian slipped a ring on Heathers finger.


heather i do

heather basket

heather I do 2

heather chair heather bout 2

hether girls

heather family heather little girl

heather reception heather cake

heather cake (2)

 I took this pic with my phone…sorry Denise, I know it should not be next to your art!

heather thank you

Thank you Heather and Brian, and one of our favorite talents in Savannah Denise Gonzales Photography


Little man in his suit and tie… had to do the white suit


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